Spring 2018 Newsletter Published

For our loyal followers, you may have noticed we skipped a beat. Sorry about that – we’ve been busy little bees in our Seattle beehive. But our absence means good things for you and your research. See our latest newsletter for your first glimpse at our quickly growing collection of immunological services. Are you interested in cytokines and their regulation of immune system functions? How have you detected and measured those activities? Chances are you’re using ELISA-based methods to detect total protein. But wouldn’t you rather be studying the protein content that actually has biological activity? Denatured, incompletely processed, or otherwise altered proteins may be misleading your research. Go ahead and take a peak at the services we’re developing – and learn how we can change the way you study cytokines. It’s just the beginning – there’s much more on the horizon…and we think our honey will be pretty sweet!

Did I mention an opportunity to win an Amazon Echo Dot courtesy of ACD? All of that and more packed into one delayed Tools and Views newsletter.

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