Kinase Activity Profiling

We offer a cost effective compound profiling service that will allow you to rapidly assess the functional activity of small and/or large collections of your compounds across our collection of cell-based assays. You may select from either our tyrosine kinase or lymphokine activity panels, or sub-collections as you require. Our staff’s HTS and profiling experience and ACD’s comprehensive screening laboratories are configured to provide fast, reproducible, reliable and ready to use data at a pace that keeps up with your SAR and med-chem efforts.

To select from our collection of tyrosine kinase assays, please review our collection here. If you wish to profile your compound(s) for their impact on lymphokine signal transmission, then please choose from our current collection of IL-2, IL-3 or IL-4.

When ready to submit a quotation request for your profiling needs and priorities, please complete our brief services questionnaire below – an ACD representative will contact you within 24 hours to further discuss your project.


Services Questionnaire Form